Bella Italia

Bella Italia

26. November 2021 0 Von wolf


As the street narrowed, my walkie-talkie radioed: “We’re looking for a parking space here.” I looked at the best places to park with a van and a station wagon. Jana asked me to look at a bistro to see if there was a parking lot in front of it. Unfortunately without success. So we looked further and found a public parking lot, which cost five francs an hour. The Ducato took up a lot of space, but it didn’t bother anyone.

Jana told about a small castle ruin right on the lake. For me, it was the first invitation to try out my drone, with all the colors that this beautiful landscape and sunny weather offers.

After a short photo stop where we exposed a bathtub with garden gnomes, we went towards the Ringgenberg castle ruins. It was a fabulous view.

I was a little hesitant to unpack the drone, because even if it was an approved airspace, I didn’t know how the residents would react. While I was still setting the parameters, Jana was already walking from the inner courtyard of the Ringgenberg to the castle tower. Wallie had a slight wiggle in her paws, as Jana said. Because the castle tower was only equipped with a grid floor.

I looked around again and the flight started. I couldn’t believe that I would take these beautiful panoramas myself, and was visibly nervous. Unfortunately, you can see that in the recordings, but improvement is in sight.

After everyone had made their own photos and videos, we walked the Planet Trail a little longer, which extends from Ringgenberg to Goldswil near Interlaken. This is the 1: 1 billion scale of an actual 12 kilometers. Interlaken is good, because that is our next stop, only that we don’t do it on foot, but with Maja and JD.

We stayed a little on the path, took one two photos until we went towards Interlaken. I was already enjoying the time with Jana, not only because she was wearing a black dress, which I very much liked to look at on her, along with another accessory.

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