Bella Italia

Bella Italia

26. November 2021 0 Von wolf

Departure at 7 p.m.

45 minutes later we arrived in Hedingen to pick up baby items for a friend from her parents. After a long wait, we finally went on to Italy for another 45 minutes.

At the beginning of the story I wrote that Jana was looking for a few stops on the way to our trip and we were aiming for them now. The night has now broken and the lights and curves just passed us by. I had no idea where we were. Since I couldn’t turn on a GPS, because I didn’t have a Swiss data contract.

I drove after Jana, the communication via the radios became less and less and accordingly I also knew that it wasn’t just my mood that was falling.

(Here is our complete route)

After we found a gas station for me and Jana took over the fuel for me in Franconia (which she got back in euros, of course), we finally got a place to sleep.

Even if the first stops were blocked by the Swiss with “no camping signs”, we continued our search. At some point there was a small niche where there was a “P”. We didn’t think about it for long and stood passively and turned off our engines.

Finally, we had arrived at the first stop – Schwanden near Brienz. How the place looks, however, I can’t say at the moment, as it is the deepest night and there was only dimmed streetlight.

We weren’t able to do much anymore, Jana went another round with Wallie and I started to eat. We actually wanted to make classic Italian spaghetti Bolognese for the first evening, but we stayed with cheese and sausage bread.

After the whole trip and the removal in Nack it was a strange feeling to see the van standing somewhere else. Meanwhile, for the first time, I pushed a so-called “optics” as we say in Berlin. I don’t know if you know the feeling when your head sees a familiar object in a completely new environment.

We locked the cars, put on our sleeping clothes and snuggled into bed. We were no longer able to do more. We wish you a good night.

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