Bella Italia

Bella Italia

26. November 2021 0 Von wolf

Schwanden bei Brienz

After the first night was a bit chilly and unfamiliar, the location we found held a wonderful surprise open for us. While I was still stretching my bones when Jana was taking Wallie for the walk, it wasn’t long before I fell asleep again.

After a few slamming of the sliding door (difficult to close from the inside) and the smell of coffee in the van, I opened my eyes. Even if I didn’t know where and when I was, a beaming Jana smiled at me when she said that I should open the door. She gave me a cup of freshly brewed coffee and opened the sliding door for me.

I couldn’t believe my tired eyes, the coffee almost fell from my hand. “Can someone please pinch me?” I was offered the stunning panorama right in front of the camper. Even though I still felt overwhelmed by the night and the previous trip, I still thought I was dreaming. This panorama amazed me so much that I didn’t even think about taking a picture at all, what a shame.

After we made our first makeshift morning toilet and had a small breakfast, we looked where we were going to Interlaken. Jana was looking for a route through the mountains along Lake Brienz. On the drive to our next destination, the wonderful weather offered one amazing panorama after another.

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