Bella Italia

Bella Italia

26. November 2021 0 Von wolf

With Bella Amore


I am not writing this trip until a few months later (unfortunately or fortunately). The reason for this is that I’ve been a through way too much in a fairly short amount of time. Which is not necessarily bad, but I was only now able to gradually let all the impressions, events, emotions, conversations, sensations and above all the bond with Jana take effect on me.

Some things, I have to admit, went way too fast for me. I couldn’t process impressions that I gained as quickly as e.g. B. Jana. Jana has been traveling all her life, where I was at the beginning. Had it not been for your strength, empathy and patience, I would probably have broken off this trip after two weeks.

Nevertheless, for me personally it was the most beautiful, most romantic, most adventurous trip of my life. Not just because of the kilometers we rocked, but it was a journey full of dancing, laughter, tears, the deepest emotional conversations I have ever had.

This story is today (and months later) to the best of my knowledge and belief of this trip.

Dear Jana, I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have decided to accompany me on this journey. Thank you, Bella Amore 

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