Bella Italia

Bella Italia

26. November 2021 0 Von wolf

The preparation

It was so far, I can hardly believe it, yesterday there was another huge party, and now we are planning the first unplanned trip together, one adventure after the next. I’m totally overwhelmed, but it doesn’t matter. Where are you going first? Are the tires ready for Liguria or a few more stops in Switzerland? What do we do…

Admittedly, I was no longer a grown man, I was an adrenaline-scared-high kid. But Jana mastered the whole thing with ease …

One thing you have to know about Jana. Jana has a talent for organization. With years of experience as a tour guide, she has spent half her life planning tours halfway around the world. She sat through the research into the van conversion sometimes until the early hours of the morning. But this has my picture, which I had of her again exceeded miles by miles. She planned the journey to Sanremo – Liguria in less than three days. Unimaginable for me as a travel buddy. I thought it was impossible, but Jana showed me one thing: “Everything is impossible – until you do it !!”

Jana discussed the route we would drive with me, she told me about a pass, a lake, a beautiful landscape in Switzerland. I was just like, “What do you want from me, please?” – I’ve never heard of any of these places, they showed me the route on the map and I noticed how my head was about to explode.

At some point I said yes, I gave her the reins and said: “No matter how you want to drive, I’ll follow you, I just want to see as much as possible”. I know that was pretty mean of me, but I just couldn’t take what she was saying.

It’s strange that I should trust a woman I have known for three months now so much. I’ve never had anything like it, but I felt that I was in good hands with her.

The descent was supposed to start on March 28th, 21st, but a broken gearbox and a defective diesel line made a mess of it. At first, I was quite angry because we were pressed for time and Maja (name of the van) should finally fly to him. But after a while I said to myself that it was okay. Everything has a reason, and we will definitely be very grateful for the reason for purchasing a new gearbox.

All right, so we’ll be spending the last three days in Nack without further ado. Of course, you can start to grill and Jana packs the first things (unfortunately not in the van yet, because it is still at Dettling). The grilling happens of course with a little Italian foretaste.

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